MA Lubricant Base Oil

MATERIAL / Energy and Special Chemical Division

Material Section : Lubricant

Bulk Trading

As Japanese trader, we engage bulk shipment (>1000MT) mainly Base Oil and Resin from Thailand. We are also managing vessels on timely basis.

Special Chemical(s)
In order to support our wide array of our customers, we are managing :

Refined Glycerin, Melamine, Lubricant Additives, Boric Acid, Urea, Hydrogen Peroxide, EA, EG, etc.

Lubricant Service
Armed with specialists, we are also provide on-site service for

Industrial, or automotive lubricant services.

Our Product List

Energy and Special Chemical Division.

Base Oil and Lubricant Additives

Base Oil Gr.I, Gr.II, Gr.III Dodecanedioic Acid Sebacic Acid Undecanrdioic Acid Polyisobutelene PAO


Refined Glycerine 99.8%, 99.5% Crude Glycerin 80% Palm Fatty Acid Distillate Oleic Acid Soap Noodle


Sodium Sulfice DEA, MEA, TEA MEG, DEG, TEG Boric Acid Hydrogen Peroxide Melamine and Urea Resins etc.